This website is built to comply with web standards. That means that the website is built with valid XHTML for its structure and markup, CSS for presentation and unobtrusive Javascript for enhanced functionality. This enhances the usability and accessibility of the website. Web standards are internationally agreed upon techniques for building web sites, and ensures that browsers and other devices (called "User Agents") can properly interpret the content and display it appropriately. Deprecated technologies, such as frames or tables for layout, were avoided, which ensures that the website is 'future-proof' and usable even with browsers which don't exist yet.

The XHTML is tested to be valid with XHTML-1.0 Strict, which ensures that User Agents, such as browsers, can unambiguously interpret the contents. By using semantically appropriate elements, User Agents can determine the structure and importance of the documents. This makes it much easier for search engines to display the most appropriate search results and provides a solid foundation on which to build the design.

The presentation is completely built using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This has several advantages: pages load faster, the design can be easily changed and the design can be made device-dependent, allowing a completely different presentation for mobile devices and printers. Devices which don't support CSS (such as search engines) can still display the page.

Javascript is used sparingly and only to enhance the user experience. The "Back to top" link which appears in the footer is enhanced to scroll the page smoothly, so the change isn't abrupt and visitors don't get confused.

More information about web standards can be found at the website from the W3C.


This website was designed and built by Solide, a Dutch web design company which specializes in usable, accessible web sites. The website is built on the Open Source Drupal content management system, and was enhanced with various modules to provide missing functionality. The logo was designed by Emilio Perez.