About prostate cancer

With around 32,000 diagnoses each year, prostate cancer has become the UK’s most common male cancer, excluding non-melanoma skin cancer. It is the second most commonly diagnosed male cancer worldwide (after lung cancer), and with over 650,000 cases diagnosed each year it accounts for a tenth of all new male cancers.

Prostate cancer is primarily a disease of the elderly, and it is rarely diagnosed in men under the age of 45. Prostate cancer incidence rises rapidly with age, and globally, three-quarters of cases occur in men over the age of 65. As the world’s population ages, prostate cancer is set to become an increasingly important health problem.

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What is the prostate, and what is prostate cancer?

What is known about the causes of prostate cancer?

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

How is prostate cancer diagnosed?

How is prostate cancer treated?

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